Thursday, June 15, 2006

Marines' song

Youtube removed the video because of "inappropriate content". Here is a functioning link:

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, comments posted on Youtube by other military personnel express approval for the song's contents. One comment states: "This makes me happy to be a Marine. But look out! Here comes the rest of the country to call us evil!"


Ryan said...

yeah, i had to sign up for a stupid
you tube account to see that.
it was up yesterday anyway.

misneach said...

The fact that such a hateful and uncaring mentality has set in among the "coalition" troops is a troubling development in this situation. I can't believe that, while the troops are voicing such opinions, the administration still has the gall to claim that the U.S. is "liberating" Iraq... they're still saying it! All the bringing freedom and democracy lies!

So, those actually doing the "liberating" are having a great laugh at the idea of seeing a small "liberated" child get her head blown off.

After september 11, G.W. said "why do they hate us?" I wonder.