Sunday, June 18, 2006

Site meter round up, Pt. 1

The most intrusive function of the site meter is that you can view your hits by referrals, i.e. which site linked to this blog. Last week, a lot of stray visitors were searching for news on Sami Gemayel. Some ex-patriate Phalangist in Canada googled "Gemayel + King of Lebanon" and was referred to a post where I hail Nasrallah as the "unrivalled king of Lebanon" and poke fun at former King Gemayel's delinquent son, Sami. To you I say: Sorry if the motherland's not shaping up to your expectations. Today I had a visitor who performed a google search for "humiliated + white maid". I will liven up the visual content, to increase my readership amongst those in search of hardcore porn.

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