Saturday, June 10, 2006

Those hotheaded Arabs just can't get enough of pacts. Just the other day, the Lebanese council of saints got together and agreed to abide by a "pact of honor". Today, the BBC reports, three prisoners died at the Guantanamo naval base, in what appears to have been a "joint suicide pact". Those hopeless romantics at Guantanamo were at it again. Always striving for the afterlife. Cuba isn't to their liking? It must be because those incorrigable fundamentalists are perturbed by all the loose women, dancing and boozing in the streets of Havana.

In any case, Bush responded to calls for the prison to be shut down, by saying: "We would like to end the Guantanamo - we'd like it to be empty".
I think his advisors suggested he use the "Is the glass half-full or half-empty" analogy to convey why "the Guantanamo" can't be "ended".
"There are some that, if put out on the streets, would create grave harm to American citizens and other citizens of the world. And, therefore, I believe they ought to be tried in courts here in the United States," he added.
If put "out on the streets", "there are some" that might maul a girl scout with their sharp fangs or clobber a retiree with their flushable Korans. And those American courts are so over-burdened, didn't you know, with weighing in on the rights of the permanently comotose, charging eight-year olds with murder and locking up people for selling a dimebag of weed. Yes, I understand perfectly, that those four-hundred-and-something men need to be caged, tortured and humiliated for a few more years.
But really I don't. Someone please explain to me why? Just out of defiance and arrogance? Because the American people don't care, and they can get away with it? So what if a handful of NGOs and the UN "strongly urge" the US to try really really really hard to avoid torturing and killing, because it is-- after all-- a violation of the Geneva Conventions.
If I was them, I wouldn't give a rat's ass about that either. And it certainly helps that all those self-righteous European governments were in on the extraordinary renditions, kidnappings, and secret prisons. They don't have a leg to stand on. Denial may not be a river in Egypt, but Geneva damn sure is a quaint city with a nice lake that churns out inconsequential paperwork. I tip my hat to Kofi Annan. I know its not his fault that the UN's final death sentence was felled during his tenure. His time is best spent extrapolating on the "benefits of cross-pollination" and other parallels between the UN and the World Cup. When he steps down as Secretary-General at the end of the year, he'll get a nice professorship and his students will like him for his pleasant Commonwealth accent, his gentle spirit and amiable demeanor.
.... In more good news from the Carribean, Trinidad and Tobago played a good game against those obscenely tall angular Swedes. Good night.

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