Friday, June 09, 2006

Who's your daddy now?

Lebanon's favorite warlords and sheiks didn't agree on much during yesterday's seventh round of national reconciliation talks. "The country's top rival politicians", postponed a decision on the disarmament of Hezbollah, one of the remaining items on the agenda, since the sore-losing March 14th coalition dropped its demands for President Lahoud to resign.
At this stage in the divide-the-cake game, postponements are a good sign, even a sign of political maturity, when the alternative is only breaking these token talks off entirely and unleashing the bloodthirsty rabble on eachother in the streets. Which noone can afford right now, what with Nasrallah in a position to demographically and militarily bitch slap everyone around. Nobody realistically expects a resolution, despite the international cheerleaders who heap praise on Lebanon's democratic process for every round of postponed "dialogue"; so yes, the talks went well.

But at least the sectarian leaders, who can't even collectively decide to install a traffic light (which would admittedly be a waste of time and money), gave eachother this: a "pact of honor". And in case you were wondering, this has very little bearing on the aggravated economic situation of Lebanon's citizenry, the question of borders, Palestinians living in squalor, Israeli aggression, electoral reform, etc. It means that Lebanon's political class of saints agreed to publically respect and uphold eachother's ueberhuman status. They made a pact, with blood and chanting and all, rituals procured from a "Skull and Bones" training tape, that Saad Hariri picked up during a recent visit to the White House.

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