Monday, July 17, 2006

2,000 protest in Tel Aviv, chanting "Yes, to a prisoner exchange"


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Bushmert doesn’t care about “collateral damages”: someone who enthusiastically destroyed Bagdad, the former capital of an empire stretching from Spain to India, won’t have second thoughts about razing a small Arab city-state with no oil to steal.

The Arab League and its Saudi and Egyptian “pillars” did nothing for Iraq in 2003, even though TeX-Aviv was then exclusively targeting their fellow Sunni Arabs…

Don’t expect the Wahhabi collaborators of Riyadh to lift a finger for Lebanon.

Three days ago, the house of Saud sent a crystal clear message to Bushmert- a man who appreciates “moral clarity” whatever that means:
“The massacre can continue. Please Sahib President, make sure Yahweh’s glorious air force destroys in priority Beirut, the South, and the Beqaa valley. Allah blesses you. Saudi Arabia is your friend. You can always count on us. The Supreme Council of the Riyadh ‘Ulamas is praying day and night for your victory. We love you Mr. President. Allah loves you.”

Take care of yourself Lili, and get out of the crossfire ASAP

Anonymous said...

Israeli government's "peace" treaties are all with dictators - king of Jordan, dictator in Egypt.

But once this rubbish attack "on Hizbuallah" (in Byblos? at the port in East Beirut? in Tripoli!?!) is over, one day they'll have to do the harder peace with politicians with an electoral mandate - like the Lebanese Parliament like the Palestine Parliament...because all true peace is based on compromise and respect.

EDB said...


I couldn't agree with you more.

BlastFromThePast said...

What this whole conflict really represents is a chance for the western world to finally solve this terrorism issue for good... If a coalition of the west liberates Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Pakistan, and kill all the terrorists, then the good people in those countries will be able to start over and finally have the democractic and prosperous society that they deserve and want to have. Really, don't you people see this as a unique chance to really make a difference for future generations of arabs?

Anonymous said...

war is terrorism - duh. the bigger the war the bigger the terror. how can you defeat terror it is not a thing you can bomb or nuke or gass it is a feeling - stupid!

by the way yo muma and yo papa sharmuta

BlastFromThePast said...

Terrorism is perpetrated by terrorists. Terrorists can be killed. That is not something that i take great joy in, but i do believe it is imperative that we root out those that are out to get us, and fact of the matter is that alot of them, the vast majority it seems are living in that region of the world. Israel, England, and the United States are the only three governments that seem to get that we live in a post 9-11 world now. So as much as I would prefer to live in a world where we can all hug and get along, it seems there are those armed militants out there that would love to chop my head off with a machete first chance they get. Not exactly great negotiating partners, or?

Anonymous said...

terrorism is the killing or terrorising of innocents for military or political or economic gains. therefore the biggest terorists since ww2 are... the USA!

bombing to destruction and sponsering death squads, trained in the usa and sent forth to unfortunate places all around the world

it has without anydoubt been the most terrorist entity since hitler's and stalin's murderous regimes. nice to be in that company - huh!

if israel only wanted hezbollah why did it wait 2 days before attacking their headquaters in beirut?

first priority was attacking civilian escape routes - the airport the bridges and the roads. then gas stations, even a lighthouse. now that the civilians can'tt escape properly they are saturation bombing resedential areas. where are hezbollah rockets? why no where near beirut of course.

Israel's main aim is to make peace impossible. after all who will now negotiate with them after these war crimes and attrocities against civilians. then they can say look there are no moderates to make peace with. but they have repeatedly and violently attacked the people who would be moderates.

in 1982 it killed 12,000 civilians in the first week of bombing - the ensuing pain and outrage is what gave birth to hezbollah.

most of the world want israel to stop this killing but the usa repeatedly blocks the world by vetoing the un.

How can a cease fire be a bad thing? well it depends if you want civilians to get out or if you want them killed

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