Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Birthday Parties & the Ground War

It's Day 14 of the "July War". According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a "senior Israeli officer" (of which there are plenty; no breach of confidentiality concerns there) gave PowerPoint presentations to American and Israeli officials, detailing plans to "change Lebanon's political landscape" in three short weeks. That's only one more week to go! Except that they haven't fulfilled any of their objectives yet. Not militarily, not politically.

For a week, the Israeli army battled with Hezbollah fighters for control of the village, Maroun ar-Ras. A friend from Boston asked me how far the Israelis have invaded. "Like 30 miles?", he said. I told him that the Israelis could use a tennis racket to lob a ball and it would hit Maroun el Ras, "the strategic village", from the border. That's how close it is. Two days ago, Al Jazeera said there were 18 Hezbollah fighters to match 350 Israelis in and around that village. (I can't confirm that; I just saw it on TV.) Now the IDF claims they've surrounded the "strategic town" of Bint Jbeil, also only 4 km from the border. The Hezbollah denies this. Either way, the fighting rages on.

Lebanon might be miniscule in size, but in two weeks the Israelis have only -- at best, and by their accounts-- managed to take control of a border village or two. If they want to invade further into the country, with tanks and the whole shebang, they're going to be sorry for having taken out all the roads and bridges. Which reminds me of the bright young fellows who set fire to the Danish Embassy in Beirut last February-- from the bottom up-- and then had to jump to their deaths from the fourth floor.


Anonymous said...

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apokraphyte said...

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Ryan said...

whoa. why the DANISH embassy?
I thought they were amongst the
more civilised europeans.

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