Sunday, July 30, 2006

The EU is "shocked" and "dismayed" by the massacre of 57 sleeping civilians (and 30-something children) in Qana.

Shocked? Dismayed?

Kind of like, "Jimmy, I am dismayed that you rode your brand new bike into a tree";
or "Bobby Sue, I am dismayed that you didn't share those cookies with your sister";
or "Judy is generally a good student. Her reading comprehension is average, and she showed some progress in learning basic addition. But I was dismayed by her abysmal performance in gym class. Better running shoes and a balanced diet would go a long way."

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Anonymous said...

The Euros are only "shocked" and "dismayed" when people are killed north of the border. If it happens south of the border, they are just "shocked" and "dismayed" at how the Israelis propogated the "root causes" which in turn resulted in the "cycle of violence" which in turn resulted in a few more Jews dead.

How many people did France kill when they occupied Lebanon and Syria and Tunisia, et. al? I'm waiting for the apologies and the "shock" and "dismay".

If you as a nation decide to support the Death Cult of Hizbully, don't start protesting when death comes knocking. At least the Israelis don't dance around and hand out candy when children are killed. They have true remorse, but would rather fight to keep their kids from being killed by Hizbully missiles located in Lebanese towns. If you want to fight someone, fight the Hizbullys.