Friday, July 14, 2006

The IAF bombed the Jiyyeh power plant, so we have no electricity as of now. I am writing from an Internet cafe in Hamra, which is generator-powered. There are dozens of Americans faxing forms to the embassy. They might evacuate all US citizens. The German embassy says to stay put and avoid Hezbollah areas, power plants and airports. I was going to go picknick next to the powerplant. I am receiving e-mails from friends in the West Bank to be careful. People in the north of Israel being evacuated to Tel Aviv. Al Manar (Hezbollah's TV station) is playing "music videos" -- marching tunes to a montage of bombs falling, people shooting, praying, the Ala Aqsa mosque, etc.
The western and Israeli media just love that photograph of a group of children smiling and celebrating with Hezbollah flags, shortly after the two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped.
More soon, the IAF permitting.

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