Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanese Bloggers reports,
Update: Tyre has been hit severely. A 12-story high building for the Lebanese Civil Defense have been shelled. Tens of dead and wounded reported. Also a residential building in Tyre has been destroyed, with reported of about ten dead already.

[Disclaimer: While I frequently link to Lebanese Bloggers and am very grateful for their updates, I do not in the slightest bit share the political views of their contributors, in particular not Doha's who seems to be the lone contributor these days. She is in Washington D.C., which might explain her pro-US, sentimental, simplistic opinions. And I'm not Lebanese, so I am exempt from abiding by the pact of "unity"]


Anonymous said...

thank you for your blogg and good luck to you from Germany!

boston2palestine said...

hi e, the link to lebanese bloggers doesn't work.

why are people suspicious of you? is it because all other euros and americans have left? are there people on the streets during the day buying bread? is there bread?

do you plan to stick it out? and how are people getting out? the international highways have been bombed, no?

EDB said...

Hi Boston2Palestine,

Thanks for the head's up about the dead link. Yes, there are few "white" people in Hamra these days. But people get used to seeing you. My new neighbors who are from the Bekaa, I think, are less suspicious and quite friendly now. I will stick it out, yes, at least for the meantime. People are leaving through the north, via Tripoli. There is one major road left, last I heard. Yes, the international highway (Beirut-Damascus) has been bombed and bombed and bombed again. I am not of the opinion that it is safe to leave by land (unless you are in an official evacuation transport and your country is buddies with Israel)

pnb said...

hi e,
couldn't you leave for example with the France by ship? Aren't you afraid that the official evacuations will stop in the next week as soon as the most europeans an americans are outside of the libanon? How long you think you'll stay there?
Greetings from Berlin, great Blog!

EDB said...

Thanks, PNB. Yes the official evacuations will probably end in the next ten days. But they still have to evacuate the Americans and Europeans stuck in the south under relentless bombardment. Unless they choose not to. But you all know what American lives are worth. Millions (in non-American lives)! I can evacuate with both the Germans and the Americans, because I have dual nationality. If I leave it will be the Germans because they don't charge for the flight, and you get to fly in German army planes all the way to Germany.