Sunday, July 30, 2006

A letter Angry Arab received:
"Dear sir,
I live in Israel and I am a Jew. We don't all support the policies of Olmert or the policies of the Labor party either. And many of us grieve for the loss of lives in Lebanon and Palestine just as deeply as you grieve for those lives. I am sorry that this is happening to your country and I hope and pray that your family and friends will be safe and I hope that not one more Palestinian must die for the crimes of the state, the Israeli state.
I would like to leave Israel before my son turns of age where he must serve in the military, I will not have my child be a part of an occupying army. I don't want my child to have the guilt of the death of your loved ones or of Palestinians on his heart.
Please know that we are all not like the thugs that visit your blog and say cruel and callous things. I abhor the messages they leave on your blog and they are not representative of Judaism. Zionism is not Judaism. One day the Jews around the world will realize this fact and I hope that when they beg you and Palestinians for forgiveness that you will forgive them for the spiritual malaise that has afflicted them.
In peace and in solidarity,

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Anonymous said...

This letter is indicative of how so many believe. You are not Anti-Semitic if you are Anti-Israel. I don't care if people worship the Great Pumpkin. What I care about is the murder of innocents which is abhorrent to all religions. Thank the writer of this letter for reminding us that not all people in a country support its actions including those in the USA.