Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nasrallah is going to speak to make a televised address soon. People are expecting him to announce another "surprise". Shimon Peres is apparently calling for calm. Israel's key demands for a ceasefire (communicated through Italian mediators) are no longer the disarmament of Hezbollah; they will settle for the return of the two soldiers and that Hezbollah retreat to the Litani river. Neither will happen, in my opinion, without the release of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.
Many villages in the south are reporting food and water shortages. Nobody can leave under heavy Israeli bombardment. Apparently, a five-story appartment building was just hit in the southern coastal city of Sour (Tyre). The number of casualities have not been determined.

Now they're saying the building in Tyre was the civil defense department. Dozens have been killed and wounded.

My roommates are leaving for Syria today. They will not return. This morning I was the only woman out on the streets. The atmosphere has changed. The streets are really empty now. Everyone has that clamped down expressionless look as they barrel through the streets in cars at top speed.

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