Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On the upside, Saudi tourists seem to be fleeing the country.

A Palestinian friend suggested we draw up a list of "symbolic targets" for the IAF, should they feel the need to punish the "Lebanese government" for this "act of war". On that occasion, I am happy to declare that the "Lebanese government" is still the March 14th coalition, some of whose members have substantial assets that are eyesores in the Beirut landscape. There are a few luxury hotels in downtown on the Corniche that are not yet completed; personally, I wouldn't mind the bombastic mosque that Hariri built for the Saudis on the edge of Martyr Square to be taken out.

Just a thought. I would much prefer if the Israelis calmed down and didn't bomb anything, of course. What's wrong with negotiating for prisoner release? "We don't negotiate". Why is that considered cool?
The Australian CNN anchor: Hayz-bowla". The other anchor: "Hez-bow-LAAAA".

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