Monday, July 24, 2006

Saving the Good Lebanese

Last night when I returned home to watch TV I saw that Israel is in fact interfering with the television broadcasts. I only noticed this on two stations: Al Manar (Hezbollah's TV) and NBN (Nabih Berri's TV), both stations watched by the most die-hard Hezbollah/Amal supporters. Al-Manar was interrupted to screen a text that warned not to support Hezbollah, who are "destroying the country", and NBN was kind of out of focus and fuzzy.

Unless the sole point of propaganda is to show the enemy's supporters that you have the power to disrupt their media, this is hardly effective. Again, disrupting cooking- and fashion shows is the way to go. Anyone now watching fashion shows is more likely to be swayed by the false promises of the advancing Israeli army than the Hezbollah supporters, especially if "surrendering" entails duty-free shopping trips to Tel Aviv.

It continues to surprise me how out of touch the Israeli propaganda machine is with the populations it is trying to bomb into submission. Ok, so the US doesn't know its ass from its elbow in the Middle East, but the Israelis have been doing it continuously for close to sixty years! And yes, they've managed to get crude autocratic regimes to whisper sweet nothings to them and have perfected, in many ways, the elaborate, humiliating and cruel details of the occupation of the Palestinian people.

But if the Israeli public is being sold that they are helping the "good Lebanese" against the "bad Lebanese" (an Israeli told me that), no one here buys it. Not even Tony the killer mechanic.

What they do buy, is that there's a consensus in the west that Israeli lives are worth more than Arab ones. In fact, two living Israeli soldiers and a few dead ones, are worth hundreds of Lebanese lives. They don't need John Bolton to spell it out in these terms: "There's no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in Israel from malicious terrorist acts."

At the heart of this lies the fact that, the state or nation-state-- the entity that was sloppily and haphazardly forced upon this region, by those same Europeans (and now Americans) who now condone a ratio of 1:10 in Israeli-to-Arab "casualties"-- is deemed to hold a moral monopoly on violence. If you have a flag and an international airport, then you can kill people.

Condoleeza Rice came to Beirut today and said, "We all want to urgently end the fighting", after she claimed yesterday that it was "too early" for a ceasefire, having rushed a fresh shipment of bombs and planes to the Israelis. Priority mail, free shipping and handling. It looks like Condi is here to save the ass of Saniora's government; when the dust settles, he's not going to look good having been so opportunistic and eager for Bush's support for the past year, and even now while the country is under attack by the US's closest ally. He grossly miscalculated. At the end of the day, the Lebanese hate the Zionists more than the Syrians. And Hezbollah will have proven its point for all Lebanese to see: that Israel is the greatest threat. Now Saniora and his friends can *officially* re-join the private sector. Unfortunately, Condi left before we could wheel out the flowers and baklava. Such is the nature of "shuttle diplomacy". You have to offend the Arab hospitality, in the process. Maybe next time.


Achillea said...

You have to offend the Arab hospitality, in the process.

Ah, yes. The much-vaunted Arab hospitality. Too bad Wasserman and Regev only enjoyed it for a short while before being turned over to your Persian masters. Have they taught you 'heel' yet, or just 'fetch' and 'beg' so far?

Good doggie.

PS: You might ask Saddam about the perils of underestimating President Bush. Maybe his jailers will slip a note under the cell door if you ask really, really nicely.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

What do you know about Saddam you brainwashed Neocon drone??

FYI, under the Baath, Iraq was BY FAR the most secular country in the Middle-East: a third of ministers (such as Tariq John Aziz) and high-ranking civil servants were members of the country’s tiny Christian minority and, amongst Arab and Islamic countries, Iraq also had by far the highest proportion of women in government…

Thanks to President Bushmert, Iraq is now governed by two ultra-fundamentalist Shiite parties which are actually MUCH CLOSER TO IRAN (both geographically and politically) than Lebanon’s left-leaning Hezbollah
- Al Da’awah (Islamic Predication Party): an avant-garde group that perfected the art of burning of churches and Sunni mosques as early as the late 1970s’
- The Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (“our SCIRI friends” in Neocon parlance): I guess the name is pretty self-explanatory. Even for a moron of your caliber.


Ryan said...

Man, the Bush Regime wants it all. Corrupt Gov'ts holding something wanted in place and to crush terrorists (keep defense industry going) And this is also supposed to be another one of those "examples" of what happens if you raise your head.
How has Afghanistan turned out? The glorious example of Iraq? How do people keep being fooled by these displays? obviously I'm reacting to the U.S. media here but I'm also experated by how Americans are being
encouraged not to give a fuck as usual... as to the extent that they're destroying the middle east.

Anonymous said...

What they do buy, is that there's a consensus in the west that Israeli lives are worth more than Arab ones. In fact, two living Israeli soldiers and a few dead ones, are worth hundreds of Lebanese lives.

On the contrary! It would appear that Lebanon and Nasrallah think that the lives of hundreds of Lebanese, thousands of Lebanese injured and 100s of 1000s of fleeing Lebanese plus a destroyed country is a small price to pay for 2 Israeli soldiers.

Nasrallah set the price - not Israel. You wanted your money's worth. You got it!

Anonymous said...

Can I please ask, if somebody distincts the Hisbollah from the state of Libanon and the state of Libanon from its civialian population? Hisbollah does not either, but does this entitle anyone to destroy the infrastructure and kill civilians thus acting the same as Hisbollah? Where's the religious ethics here? Where's ethics?

Subatomic Karma Boy said...

what's ethics?

bombing Hezbollah to death is a stupid tactic (it will only make em stronger) and guess what the united snakes and israeli elite are not stupid only evil and mad.

Anyway they're not really bombing hezbollah to death more trying to draw syria and iran into this by provoking as much pain and outrage as possible.

America wants a reason to show the world that it has got a new weapon. Iran has been the target for years and guess what? the poor guys there are gonna get a taste of small nukes - "useable nukes". the new warfare that kills slowly and horrribly for billions of years. Israel just doesn't want it in its own backyard so

it will provide the spark after all you can't critizise them any more then they already been critizised by every sane person. The insane will always support them anyway, drooling and frothing for more and more blood as they do.

next we will get irrefutable evidence (later proved wrong) that iran is a danger to every human being in the whole world plus no doubt a few cute dolphins.

using "useable nukes" is what it is all about for the neocons and their twisted butt buddies - oh yea and serving satan himself.

increase the peace - choose love not hate and make khalil Gibran sing evermore

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