Saturday, July 22, 2006

Shortages and more shortages

No Almaza beer left at Cafe De Prague. Only Heineken. Yuck.
The price of everything has gone up. Tranquilizers and anti-depressants are sold out. I had a 10$ salad at City Cafe yesterday and they dished up 4 pieces of lettuce. Try eating four pieces of lettuce for your first meal in 24 hours. I nearly cried when I asked for bread. "No bread, madame. Sorry". Could I have some paper napkins with ketchup then, please? No napkins, sorry, only diapers. Not really of course (the diaper part).
There's also an acute shortage of roads, bridges, ports, airports, and electricity towers. No shortage of Israeli planes, missiles and bombs, thanks to this timely and generous donation.

We're doing fine here in Beirut, compared to everywhere else in the country. Half the country would be thrilled if a beer shortage topped their list of woes. I wonder if that bar Layla's in Saifi (Christian neighborhood)is still serving "Cedar Revolution wine". I'm sure the demand for that has gone down.

I'm waiting for Maronite Patriarch Sfeir to ask his buddies, the Americans who air-shuttled him to Lebanon yesterday, to stop Israel from bombing the electricity facilities in the Shia areas and villages. Because you all know how blackouts lead to baby-making, and the patriarch is most concerned with preserving the demographics of Christians vs. Muslims. But then again, demographic denial is something both the Israelis and the Christian Lebanese have in common. So maybe they can work together on this one...


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