Saturday, July 15, 2006

Since I'm once again below the ground, the fighter jets overhead just sound like someone's watching war movies on TV (or a chorus of old men passing gas, or foaming milk with an espresso machine).
I witnessed a friendly tiff between a Sunni Beiruti and a Shia whose bedroom but not house has been leveled. The Sunni Beiruti was complaining how he can't go clubbing these days, and how he would be at the beach if it weren't for the Shia who are always causing trouble. I asked him how he felt about the initial Hezbollah operation. He said he didn't really mind, but the timing is bad (tourist season, beach time, lots of loose expatriote Lebanese girls to hit on). The Shia said, that they have nothing to lose, and then told me to fly to New York and take the Sunni Beiruti with me.

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