Thursday, August 10, 2006

Central Beirut hit

Three very loud explosions in Ras Beirut, one closer than the next. All the cars on the street pulled over, soldiers and individuals running towards the vicinity of the Saudi embassy. An old woman hysterical with fear being dragged across the street to safety by her daughter; Filipino maids panicking, children crying. Camera crews on mopeds racing off towards Raoche.

Update: They hit the old lighthouse in Raoche, which is surrounded by residential buildings. Going there now.

Update 2: Four missiles hit the old lighthouse in Ras Beirut this morning, approximately 150 meters from here. The lighthouse hasn't been in use for decades; it is situated between the Saudi embassy's compound, the Hariri family complex and the Lebanese American University. Two people were injured by shattering glass, and the damage was limited. Ambulances and press vehicles were driving around in circles, because nobody knew exactly where the missiles had hit. There was talk of it having been just a "sonic boom"; I hitched a ride with a Pakistani journalist who tired of searching for the sight of the attack and took issue with his driver/fixer for wasting his time. Another missile hit near Prime Minister Saniora's house on Bliss Street. Israeli jets also dropped pamphlets over downtown Beirut warning that they would expand attacks on Beirut, as well as pamphlets warning inhabitants of the southern suburbs Bourj al Barajne, Hey el Sellom and Chiyah to evacuate.

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metsfan said...

"The time of the bomb is in the past, it's behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges." (-Ahmadinejad, to Mike Wallace in Tehran yesterday)

Let's hope at least some of the world's leaders sincerely believe this vision; in the meantime, let Israel and the U.S. show they are at least capable of sanity. Keep safe.