Sunday, August 20, 2006

Drove to Tyre (Sour) and Abbassiyeh today. More on that tomorrow.

Arab Israelis on their increased alienation during and after the Lebanon war

Peretz announces that they are preparing for the "next round" of war

British mine clearance experts claim Israel "carpeted" the south with cluster bombs


Anonymous said...

ah ha ha

"sane general" like sharon


Cherie said...

Oh, I hope you talk a lot about what you saw in Sur. My family just returned there from the mountains. I couldn't believe how anxious they were to return right away. Is there any electricity? Do they have enough food? Did you go on the side of the city that faces Israel? Was any of that street, Rest House street, was any of it destroyed?

Iranian said...

So in conclusion, Iran makes the bomb and gives the bomb, but more importantly is the bomb. Wouldn't you say? We be the bomb sis, yes ma'am. جیگرت!