Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nasrallah hiding in the mountains!

The Israelis staged a spectacular raid on a hospital in Baalbek two nights ago; 300 Israeli soldiers fought fiercely and successfully for seven hours with anywhere between 4 and 10 Hezbollah fighters (Hezbollah claims the former, Israel the latter; take your pick of ratio, 1:75 or 1:30). They captured Hassan Dib Nasrallah, a construction worker, his family, and Mohamed Nasrallah, a 14-year old shepard, who was later released. They also secured computers with sensitive dental records of the Hezbollah leadership and the database for a sperm bank.

I happen to know of another Nasrallah hiding in Lebanon, whose abduction would make for a golden photo op and break the back of the Hezbollah power base:

This Nasrallah is an old geezer residing in the mountains (Hezbollah have used similiar mountains to launch rockets.) He is known to wear black, sports a beard, and commands quite a following. He lives in Bkerke and is armed to the teeth, but 1000-2000 special forces could probably secure his capture.

Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, Maronite Patriarch


EDBTZ said...

He looks like my Grand Daddy

Anonymous said...

He looks like Edward Hopper!

Anonymous said...

How very myopic the 3 world criminals are. You know which 3? They need to go to an optician to look around how the world despises their inhumanity. They are only making a fool of themselves like 3 naughty boys in a school with juvenile background do. It is not too late to learn from mistakes of the past. Get up and learn about PEACE and HARMONY!

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this is edbtz forgot my password all i have to say is zabrah