Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Operation Post-Menopausal Vengeance

Call it what you will, as of yesterday it's no longer the "July War". Apparently we're in it for the long haul now with the Israelis launching a full-scale invasion and Olmert talking about sacrifice, blood and tears (what about sweat? Olmert didn't consult his labor party allies when he made that speech?)

Charles Glass points out that this Israeli operation is sorely lacking a name. I guess it's hard to outrival "Grapes of Wrath". They should learn to practice restraint in tossing out the most ominous titles, before they finish the job. If all else fails, there's always sequels. Grapes of Wrath 33 1/3.

Or they could take Condi up on the "birth pangs" theme, but keep the crucial element of "wrath" by substituting with a synonym: Vengeful Birth Pangs. Pangs of Vengeance. How about just Operation Ouch? But as Jamal Ghosn points out, what does a post-menopausal virgin know about birthpangs?

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Ellie said...

Hi...I found your blog via Juan Cole's blog. I am a high school teacher in Massachusetts. I am disgusted with my country's involvement in Lebanon and the entire Middle East.

I hope it is OK that I laugh out loud at most of your posts. On the one hand, I feel bad laughing because the subject is so serious, but you are very funny. And I think it is good for the world to read this kind of writing because the news is so impersonal that i think it is easy to become de-sensitized.

Your posts remind us that everyone just wants to have a normal life and be jovial...It reminds us that all human beings are basically the same creatures who just happen to live in different cultures.

So, thank you for writing!