Friday, November 17, 2006

Hariri followers at his grave salute their deceased Fuehrer (from the Angry Arab)


Guthman Bey said...

Hariri is the new Horst Wessel. Wessel started out as a pimp also. The only difference is that he was killed before becoming a billionaire.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Darwin was right: nature sometimes finds ways to produce horrible hybrid monsters.

Who would have thought that rightwing Zionism could merge so easily with the “mild” merchant form of Wahhabi Islamic Fascism?

Bushmert and Hariri skillfully merged Hebrew zealotry with Saudi Arabian backwardness: Praised be to the gods of Najd and Yitsrael!

Oberon Brown said...

Well let's see how the followers of the Sayyed will salute their fuhrer, in the unfortunate event of his death...

Anonymous said...

Hassan Nasrallah, for his supporters, is a semi-god.. They're praising the shoes he's wearing, and you're speaking of a "fuhrer"?

Anonymous said...

Isn't every sectarian leader in Lebanon a semi-God to his followers?

Anonymous said...

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