Friday, November 24, 2006

To whomever killed Pierre Gemayel...

I blame you for the most nauseating display of faux participatory democracy I have seen in this country, to date. Watching Jumblatt, Geagea, Hariri and Amin Gemayel-- two mass murderers (one of whom was convicted for assassinating a Prime Minister, least you forget), a Saudi playboy and an arms dealer, respectively-- beat their chests and the drums of war in front of a delusional and gullible crowd was hard to stomach. The international media's enamoration with this choreographed circus (don't you wish the Iraqis were as cool and witty as the sexy Lebanese?) took the cake.

I believe more than ever that March 14th are foolishly complicit in the US's project of waging a proxy war against Iran and Syria through Lebanon. The White House is willing to plunge this country into civil war in the process, and Jumblatt and Geagea will accept their tutelage and assistance in order to remain in power. They have everything to lose in a national unity government. The Americans don't want the Shia (or anyone who opposes American meddling) in a position of strength and neither do the Sunnis, Druze and fringe Christians. Even before Gemayel's assassination, I sensed from certain player's rhetoric that they had guarantees. They weren't just going to fold in the face of Hizbullah and Aoun's challenge to their authority. Well now I am certain. How that is lost on the minions who participated in thursday's spectacle escapes me.

After witnessing the impressive resilience of the Lebanese under Israeli attack, it was a painful realization that the Mitlaeufer mentality is so pervasive. Not only do people tolerate the crudest emotive propaganda spouting from their TV sets and from the stage errected at Martyrs' Square, but they also willingly wave flags and portraits and cheer. Why aren't people outraged by the exploitation of blood for political ends?

Sunnis marching under the same banner of a militia that once slaughtered Muslims in the tens of thousands.

Rival butchers-- Geagea and Jumblatt-- grasping on to eachother for power. This is what a "courageous struggle for independence" looks like? Is the irony lost on the spectacle participants who shout anti-Syrian slogans ("dirty Syrians", "stupid Syrians") that it is Syrian street cleaners who clean Martyrs' Square after they go home?

Almost two years after al-Hariri's assassination, they are still "making history" with the same hollow program. "We are the truth". "We love life". Yes, so do people who bomb abortion clinics and assassinate doctors. Be careful, they might sue you for copyright infringement. After all these years of war and treachery, you still play follow-the-leader and you get nothing in return for your pathetic and unconditional loyalty. The same goes for unconditional loyalty to any other party or faction, including Hezbollah.

I know to many people who had no intention of attending the opposition rally, which has now been postponed, because they support none of the confessional factions. But after the insufferable, arrogant, sectarian show they might just attend to show March 14th and their allies that "they" are not an "illusion". No, Saad Hariri: YOU are an illusion. In fact you are a nightmare. Your face and that of your playmates makes me want to scream and vomit all over your shiny shoes.

Oh, and by the way, there are more important things happening in this country and in the region. More than 200 people were killed in Baghdad during the course of the flag fest; add to that 22 in Gaza, and in the south of Lebanon, winter has set in over the ruins of entire villages.

In Aita Shaab, a village near the border with Israel, 85 percent of houses are completely destroyed, nay obliterated; the rest are being bulldozed against people's will or remain in shambles. The Qataris who promised to rebuild Aita are giving people between $500 and a maximum of $3,000 to do so. Enough to buy some kitchenware and a few towels. Donors are prohibited from dealing directly with the local authorities, and have to go through the government in Beirut (And we all know where that money ends up.) There is spotty electricity and water; people are huddled in garages or crowded into the homes of neighbors and relatives.

And Syria did what? Oh you think they killed stupid Pierre Gemayel? Well that's a crime that warrants international outrage and parades, burning trash and beating up Syrian cabdrivers and street cleaners. Oh but the people who are now homeless and helpless are just an "illusion", isn't that right, ya Saad Hariri? Go figure. Illusions don't require shelter. What exactly is your much celebrated effort to extend government authority to the four corners of the country doing for these people? Why aren't they reaping the benefit of the Prime Minister's tears?

Angry Arab reports that Amin Gemayel allegedly attempted an assassination on Jumblatt and a few others, back in the day. Everyone on that stage has been involved with extrajudicial killings.

Except maybe for Saad Hariri (and perhaps Nayla "Cruella de Ville" Maowad) who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where you get your hand chopped off for stealing a cucumber.


Amer said...

Great post.
And you forgot the Muslim Brotherhood's Assaad Harmouche. He was also one of the speakers at this infamous rally.

nightS said...

betfesh el7' sha3'le kamen betsem elbadan...
you said:
"The Americans don't want the Shia (or anyone who opposes American meddling) in a position of strength..."
100% true....w kamen don't forget how they somehow supported them(shia) in Iraq against Saddam Hussein's regime when they invaded it...bye7dako 3al 3alam..wel 3alam betsadde2...hon dod..w honeek ma3!!!!!
nice article!

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Great post.

Great picture too:

- The Wahhabi Islamist thug has his hand on his heart (the right hand for Sheikh Bukhari’s a-Hadith state that the left hand is used by “gentiles [kuffar] and other worshippers of Satan”

- The notorious crook rubs his hands together in malice.

- The moustached Neocon fascist opts for the good old zig-heil salute.

What a pathetic trio!

Anonymous said...

EDB, I wish the lebanese people have the insight that you have.
I LOVE your posts, you speak the truth in such a nice way

Raja said...
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Raja said...

wow EDB, a very impassioned post. Allow me to suggest that I detect a "tinge" of bias though.

For whatever you say about the so-called march 14 leaders, at least the same can be said about that totalitarian demi-god and the other vile politician who tags along with him for now.

As for the followers of those two, well... they can speak for themselves:

Nasrallah, Nasrallah, ma ti3tal ham, hol shi3a byishrabu dam.

and just in case you don't understand, allow me to translate:

Nasrallah, Nasrallah, don't worry, these Shi'a drink blood.

In short, EDB, if you're frustrated with the situation in Lebanon, maybe your vitriol should encompass more than just one camp of the political elite and their followers.

Oberon Brown said...

Dear EDB,
Your posts are becoming more passionate and less humorous lately; maybe you're right cause there's nothing funny about our current situation...
Being a convinced March 14 supporter, I'll try to explain to u my point of vue: on one hand, you have a stalinian regime with ruthless secret services (and that's one thing all politic activists in Lebanon can tell you about, ESPECIALLY aounists), a regime that promised to "burn every living thing in Lebanon, if they ever have to leave" (dixit Bachar el Assad), an armed militia who declares war whenever it wants to, who has a kalashnikov on its flag, and who fights in the name of an Islamic state...
On the other hand, you have the United Nations (and not just the US) supporting a lebanese government, ex-war lords who speak only in the name of a legal state, legal weapons, democracy, liberalism, who want normal diplomatic relations with all neighbours (Syria is still refusing to have an embassy here), journalists and politicians being muredered one after the other...etc..
We'll probably never know who killed Pierre Gemayel, but who do you think is more likely to have done it?? The rest of the facts show us clearly the intentions of the so called "opposition". Endless war, integrism, union with Syria... Apart from attacking the "rich" people, and promising to "fight corrutpion" (I wonder how they plan to do this), what practical solutions are they proposing? Communism? Military regime?
p.s: and the "poor taxi driver" you are showing is probably just a suspect; do you know the number of secret agents that were here before 2005, desguised in cab drivers and kaak merchants? Those guys did NOT leave with the syrian army!

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about you, but I do LOVE your post. Someone forwarded me your blog post today, when in response to his question on Lebanon's situation and the repercussions of the assasination, I said: "Disgusting."

I'm so glad there are others who haven't forgotten our leaders' history of corruption. Our fellow Lebanese are simply amnesiac (sp?). I don't get it. How can they trust any of those they are cheering? These false alliances, these opportunists? It's awful.

Thanks for saying it all so eloquently. More power to you!

Diana from New York said...

"Is the irony lost on the spectacle participants who shout anti-Syrian slogans ("dirty Syrians", "stupid Syrians") that it is Syrian street cleaners who clean Martyrs' Square after they go home?"

I'm an American with no connection to Lebanon but I love your blog, not least because of comments like these. We have the same idiotic element in America; they support the Iraq war, even though they never knew (and still don't) who we are fighting. Here they attend anti-immigrant (read: anti-Hispanic) rallies, unaware it is the very Mexicans they protest who clean the square after they go home ... amazing how stupidity is played out, over and over, in every country, just the names change.

Anonymous said...

I notice you sound disappointed lately. And that can only come from one thing. You have allowed yourself to indulge in faith. Faith in Lebanon, somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary.
But, you must:
abandon faith in the Lebanese,
abandon faith in Lebanon,
they/it will break your heart.
They/it/we are idiots, who never learn from history, who are doomed to repeat it until, until, until...
Kiss immna killna.

hillz said...
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hillz said...

obern brown,
"p.s: and the "poor taxi driver" you are showing is probably just a suspect; do you know the number of secret agents that were here before 2005, desguised in cab drivers and kaak merchants? Those guys did NOT leave with the syrian army!"

I think you gotta thank these "agents" for cleaning the "freedom" trash in the martyr square at the end of the day..
I still can't believe that someone thinks that we are just angels slammed on asses.
What about our endless civil battles and wars?.. Oh I forgot.. Lebanese had nothing to do with that..
I can tolerate everything but racism and ignorance..

Anonymous said...

Now we know how you feel about the M14, can you enlighten us about how you feel re Hizballah and their actions ? Are they your heroes? Is aoun? If so pls elaborate why. Thanks.

PS re Aita el shaeib, the people of the south sacrificed everything for a man they love and respect, and they still stand by him. Maybe this will make Nasrallah think twice about waging wars "bil-nikaife" vs the M-16's next time. I doubt even 10% of the money we donated will get to where it was supposed to go, about that, you are unfortunately oh so very right.

Oberon Brown said...

you wont get anywhere with your social pro-proletarian arguments: he's doing his job just like I'm doing mine. If one of us is suspected of carrying weapons or whatever, he should be apprehended. Being poor doesn't make you right.

Anonymous said...

Oberon Brown,

Now let's not get carried away, we all know there were alot of moukhabaraties in Lebanon (the one oustside the AUBMC sold especially good kaek) but the poor guy in the taxi was probably just a taxi driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's not demonize a whole nation because of the idiots ruling them.

hillz said...

allahomma tawwilik ya ro7.. ;)

EDB said...

Well, I was really expecting some personally insulting responses to that post. I was very pleasantly suprised by the patient responses here. And yes, anonymous who said I sound disappointed lately, I am a bit sick of it all. In particular that after all the meddling by outside powers, that people will support March 14th under the banner of "independence" without acknowledging that the US is an untrustworthy and not-so-wellintended patron. And Oberon you make your case for the US being the lesser of two evils, but I tend to disagree. We don't need to look very far for evidence to the contrary... Iraq, Palestine, etc.
Iran has done considerably less damage than the US and while, yes, they finance a substantial part of Hezbollah's operations, do you have evidence that Hezbollah follows orders from them? I don't.
The problem is, Oberon, that you are taking the former warlords and the US by their word, rather than by their actions. The same goes for Iran. So let us just judge by the current record rather than all the nice talk and slogans (Saatchi & Saatchi did lend a helping hand, after all).

And anonymous who asked how I feel about Hezbollah: I plan to write a longer post about that very soon, in particular detailing a recent Hezbollah-sponsored tour of the Dahiye I attended, for the delegates of the rather pathetic and ill-timed "International Conference to Support the Resistance" that convened last week. Lots of communist party delegates from Europe running around waving their Divine Victory flags and the likes...
Prior to Gemayel's assassination, Hezbollah/Aoun seemed poised to take power, and I think that a lot of people on the left who consider themselves unrepresented by the party system, were at a crossroads where they were starting to become more vocal against the "opposition" as well as M14. I consider myself one of them. The recent events put a temporary wrench in the works, but that will not last long.
In my opinion the most important issues for Lebanon are de-confessionalization and corruption (embezzling, cronyism, nepotism, foreign patronage, you name it.)
I think Hezbollah/Aoun have more to offer in that regard over the ruling coalition, in particular as far as corruption is concerned. I don't believe that the opposition would invite the Syrians back in; that wouldn't be popular with anyone, least of all the Aounists. And I think it is a hysterical fallacy to act as if this would be the case.
Having said that, I do not support Hezbollah, the party, because of its apologetic stance towards the Syrian regime and while I am not concerned that they intend to establish an Iranian theocracy, the "divine victory" is an alienating concept for those people who -- as is their right-- do not ascribe to a religious deterministic vision. Nor would I want to live with the paranoid surveillance measures that are in place in the Dahiye. And also, I believe that if Hezbollah is committed to the Palestinian cause, they ought to do more for the Palestinians living in Lebanon and that ought to be part of the program. Start with cleaning the streets in Shatila, which-- as I understand it-- is part of the Hezbollah municipality. So as long as de-confessionalization is not a priority for any of the parties, I do not support them. And Raja, I agree with you about the cult of personality surrounding Nasrallah. He does have an edge as far as intelligence, wit and he generally puts his money where his mouth is, so I have more understanding for his supporters. Does that give you an idea?
Thank you all for the civil discussion. I also meant to add that I do sympathize with Gemayel's family, of course, least that was missing from my responses to his assassination ;)

Ghassan said...

Onward, comrades! Smash your idols! Don't hate the player, hate the game!

EDB said...

Anonymous folks:

I appreciate your contributions. In the interest of being able to distinguish one anonymous commentator from the next, might you just sign your initials or pick a pseudonym?
It makes it easier to respond to you, too.


lalebanessa said...

"do you have evidence that Hezbollah follows orders from them"

I think if you believe in "wilayat al faqih" and chose Khaminei as the one to follow, and on top of that recieve most of your money and all of your weapons from them, how on Earth can you not follow their orders when they come?

looking forward to reading your opinion re hizbullah and co.

Usound Diaspora said...


I am impressed with your understanding of the situation in Lebanon, although I do not completely stand with you on some of your opinions, such as giving the benefit of the doubt to hezbollah and slamming the M14 to the extend of criminals and liars...(war is war, nothing pretty about it.)
I, on the other hand am a (centered rightist).
Allow me to elaborate:
I'm pro hezbollah having more say in the government, but not at the expense of M14 or without compromise.
What are the compromises?
*M14 should have the presidency.
*Hizbollah should eventually disarm.

After the resignation, 2/3 M14+ prime minister+ presidency and 1/3 shia+ speaker.

The only way to that solution is not through street protests and demonstrations, and if hezbollah truely wanted to play fair, it too, should be calling for the resignation of Lahoud.

Anonymous said...

Where does this rubbish about wilayat al-fiqh come from? Listen, there a million legitimate reasons to dislike Hezbollah but I think the wilyat al-fiqh argument is not one of them. Like edb said, let's judge on actions not words. Hezbollah has never even pretended to bother with any attempt to impose their theocratic ideas on Lebanon, they know it's impossible given the sheer diversity.

sde said...

"war is war, nothing pretty about it."

Now you start to use in this sentence..I thought only the zionist pigs used it...

ohh you are so pathetic country..I pity on you...
but I am not sad because like you said you support in hezbolla, so I guss you deserve it. (sucks to be rational man in lebanon 2006).

Anonymous said...


Lalebanessa said...


I think you misunderstood what I meant, I didn't mean they're here to impose their religous ideology on the rest of us , they have never and would never do any such thing.

EDB had brought up the question of them taking orders from Iran, and I suggested that if you believed in the rule of the ulama, and your ulama reside in Iran, then you might end up taking "instructions" from them.

Anonymous said...

So, EDB, you're not at all concerned about Hizbollah's militarism? That doesn't enter into your reasons for not supporting Hizbollah? And why would Hizbollah invite Syria back into Lebanon, when they can simply be excessively amenable to Syria's desires? Don't you think that kind of cross-border "corruption" is perhaps a serious problem as well? Do you think that March 14 are being "influenced" by the US to anywhere near the same extent Hizbollah is by Syria? Is the US supplying March 14 with guns and missiles and telling them who to attack and not to attack? What do YOU think are the US's intentions in Lebanon? What possible conspiracy have you cooked up in your head?

Sophia said...

I loved the post and the first picture.

Anonymous said...

Marina here.
This is addressed not just to you but to all 14 and 8th of march supporters.
Both of you are only good at poiting fingers at each other, and by God you're all good at that. But that only means one thing: you're both wrong. We don't need neither corrupt capitalists nor fundamentalist despots (whom by the way have done their share of kidnapping, booby-trapped cars, conterfeit merchandise and money laundring, so they're not innocent either).
Everyone, absolutely every famous Lebanese politican nowadays has blood on his hands, whether directly or indirectly.
So all you people leave them behind, grow a brain and stop following these dictators/murderers/thieves around like sheep.
Only one thing stands right below God, and that is Lebanon, I wish you loved Lebanon more than you hated each other or Syria or Iran or Israel.
Love Lebanon, believe in Lebanon, immerse yourselves in Lebanese nationalism, and everything will fall into place.
Labbayq Lebnan, mesh Nasrallah aw Hariri aw Aoun aw Geagea aw kell 2re3 tole3 arat khotab.
Wake up!

Anonymous said...

''Hezbollah has never even pretended to bother with any attempt to impose their theocratic ideas on Lebanon..''

I beg to differ. There are speeches of Hassan Nasrallah himself claiming the Christians are a thorn in this country and that this thorn should be removed. The funny part was when he claimed the shi3as came before the Christians, and should take ''Jbeil and Kesrwan'' back.
So yeah, HA is as innocent as a newborn baby and adore the Christians. *roll eyes*
They only care about their community and how they can spread it all over the country to take control, just look at the sleezy way they've been infiltrating all areas. In my area they made it a point to build a huge mosque in an essentially Christian neighborhood. If that isn't provocation, what is?
Wake up and smell the Iranian coffee.
They're nothing but a terrorist militia who is even more corrupt that the Hariris.

Mekhtar said...

EDB....Great post, love it. The Syrians made a mistake in 1976 by entering Lebanon. If they didn't, Phalange, Ahrar, Herras el Arz, etc... would have been defeated, and we wouldn't be in this problem today. I can not understand why anyone follow the killers Jumblat, Geagea, and Gemayyel. Or the stupid playboy Hariri. God help us.