Friday, January 12, 2007

Celebrate your love for Aishti* and unbridled capitalism at Biel on January 25th. (Thank you Rasha and Lina.)

*an overpriced clothing store.


dr said...

Emily, you have given me the greatest wallpaper ever for my work computer!

Jeha said...

I love the Capitalism logo...

632C5R09OW8 said...


Should Hezbollah disarm,if they
disarm who should they give there arms to? Officially The Lebanese government? the Syrian government or unofficially the Iraqi

Angry Anarchist said...

You should've saved the image as gif for better quality. ;-)

I did clean up the first one.

Walid said...

Emilu we miss you ! You need to come over and clean up the spam comments!

About Zaatar w Zeit, I walk by there every day and it is unusually popular with non-Arab tourists, no offense. :).

The Dreamer said...

"*an overpriced clothing store"

so overpriced actually that lots of people are convinced it is just a money laundering front

EDB said...

Walid-- which spam? And "the dreamer" I've heard that about Aishtai, too. What do you all think of the opposition's use of the rainbow logo for their new "I love life-- in color" campaign? HELEM must be loving it...

The Dreamer said...

maybe they are trying to get the Lebanese gay community to join in with the opposition. the hordes of HELEM members might just tip the balance and end this stalemate.

Lalebanessa said...

if you turn on "word verification" for the comments, it will cut out the spam.

fraise said...

You can get hi res I heart capitalism flyers from the campaign's new webpage:

daktara said...

this is the first time for me here
but u have a nice blog

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with having something like Aishti in town?

Raja Ismara said...

Our best wishes for all in 2007;
the good to be a lot better;
the not so good to have
not so much not so good.

Like Eve with Abel and Kane,
capitalism has 2 invalid
sickly and sickening kid-monsters:
nazism and zionism.
The mother had double-nipple cancer;
one kid was stunted and paralyzed by the neurotic-pshychotic sibling
that is now in the last throes of "self-destruct" insanity
and violent behavior.

In 1956 at a reception for diplomats Nikita Khrushchev
dreaming about socialism
overcoming capitalism in the future "entertained":
"Whether you like it or not,
history is on our side.
We will bury you."

War -mongers seized on
"we will bury you"
entertainment out of context
as signs of Russian aggression and devious designs to nuke "the West".

In 2005 on Tuesday October 25th
at a conference in Tehran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran echoed the words of
Ayatollah Khomeini,
deceased, the leader of
the 1979 Islamic Revolution:

"Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad
az safheh-ye ruzgar
mahv shavad."

interpreted thus:
"The Imam said
this regime occupying Jerusalem
must vanish from the page of time".

Imam (Khomeini)
ghoft (said)
een (this)
rezhim-e (regime)
ishghalgar-e (occupying)
qods (Jerusalem)
bayad (must)
az safheh-ye ruzgar
(from page of time)
mahv shavad (vanish from).

War-mongers seized upon errors of translation or interpretation
by IRNA and BBC;
and twisted the controversial phrase "az safheh-ye ruzgar"
to spin the world over:
"Israel to be wiped off the map".

How many people bother to check
the original script:
and ponder about
the substance of the content?

Raja Ismara

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Lily,


As usual

You might want to add “I Love Wahhabism” or “I Love Stoning”

The Hariri crowd has a knack for combining new-age capitalism (“al centre-ville is all branché and wired”) and stone-age fundamentalism.

The worst of both worlds.

Leafless Eve said...

well dr Victorino, that's almost what i did:

Anonymous said...

whats up? all this activity and we haven't had a new post? We are dying for some new information

Anonymous said...

Aishti is not a monney laundry machine? This is the rumor. It seems that Aishti is covering some iollegal busines (drugs)

Even with my high salary, I couldn't buy Aishti clothes. Only foreigners from Golfe, some lebanese singers, top models and/or prostitutes and few and very rich people can afford Aishti prices

EDB said...

Please excuse my absence.
Lots to report. I fled the country when the airport re-opened. I've been too sad to write. More tomorrow morning.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Lily,

Are you back in auld Europe?

If so, don’t be a stranger...

Nayda said...

I miss your posts, EDB, we're in need of information...

Hope to read you soon!

Anonymous said...
they love life and saatchi too

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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