Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who wants the Truth?

According to New TV, Sergei Brammertz's latest report reveals which countries are refusing to cooperate with the Hariri investigation. Here is a line-up of the truthseekers:

That's France, Israel, the US, Jordan, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany and a few others (supposedly Iraq and another Gulf country.) Enjoy your tribunal with an "international character".


nemesis said...

The truth we all want the truth. right? But isn't it all too evident?
just for the record, on Valentine's day (Feb 14) Future TV was running a documentary for Nazek Hariri in which she was talking about late PM Hariri. According to her, on the day of PM H. assasination, she called president Chirac saying "how could this be? we were told it couldn't happen". Implying that credible high-level guarantees had been given to PM Hariri about his safety... Guarantees quite likely given by the same people showing on your blog EDB. By the way EDB, perhaps you should add the boyish face of President Assad to your display. Like a bad mexican soap opera: everyone has been in bed with everyone else. Now that the orgy is over, the whore is calling the slut immoral.
Oh but let's keep searching for the truth.

apokraphyte said...

Excuse my ignorance, but when did Abdullah appear on a episode of star trek? Is that photo for real? Or are my eyes playing tricks?

Mexican soap opera, I like that.

Manar said...

that's no trick a.

he appeared in star trek in 1995.

Naj said...

speaking of banana, I thought you may want to add these beauties to your nice list :)


Kinky Lina said...

Tom Scudder said...

That Abdullah photo is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures are so funny!

Olmert is clearly reverting to the degenerate pre-human form from which he originally emerged. And oh, if only that thing had stayed down Tony Blair's throat for good!

Thank you for a good laugh.