Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pop Quiz

Who Said It?

1. We will hunt down and kill the terrorists/ We will not surrender to the terrorists

A. George W. Bush
B. John Kerry
C. Ariel Sharon
D. Elias Murr
E. All of the Above!

2. Support our troops/ the army

A. The Yanks
B. The Phoenicians
C. The Israelis
D. All of the above!

3. They hate us for our Freedom/our Tribunal

A. George "He Tried to Kill my Daddy" Bush
B. Walid "They Killed my Daddy and I didn't mind until 25 years later" Jumblatt
C. Saad "They killed my Daddy. I am Saad Hariri and I am for Chapter Seven" Hariri
C. Nayla "They killed my Husband and I kept silent while on mukhabarat payroll" Mouawad
E. All of the above!

Send your answers to Winners will be announced at a mass grave in Nahr el Bared. The winner receives an "I love Life & the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces)" bumper sticker for the back of their armored hummer.

And here's the Bonus Question:

Which parties previously funded -- directly or indirectly-- terrorists that they later tried to hunt down and kill?

A. Reagan & the Bush dynasty
B. March 14th
C. The House of Saud
D. All of the Above!

The winner of the bonus question gets a free midnight shopping spree at any of the malls mentioned on the UN's list of possible targets.


To EB said...

Second Lieutenant Roy Abu Ghazaleh
First Adjuntant Mahmoud Mohamad Bakeesh
First Adjuntant Elie Maurice Maalouf
First Adjuntant Riad Qassem Abdallah
Sergeant Nazih Ali Nader
Sergeant Mazen Fawzat al Aawar
Sergeant Abed al Salam Saleh
Sergeant Khaled Abdel Jaleel Teleeji
Sergeant Shadi Mahmoud Rostum
Corporal Mohamad Khaleefeh al Khodor
Corporal Maher Hasan al Halak
Corporal Jihad Khaled al Shomtieh
Corporal Mohamad Mahmoud al Nizam
Corporal Firas Mohamad Soffan
Corporal Roy Asaad al Boustani
Corporal Ahmad Moustafa al Masri
Corporal Farouq Ezeddine al Moukhlalati
Corporal Bilal Azwan al Hajj Ahmad
Corporal Mehdi Mohamad Deeb al Masbooh
Corporal Mohamad Ahmad Ali
Corporal Mohamad Malek Ramadan
Corporal Mo'men Aamer al Hosni
Corporal Yehia Mustapha al Musulmani
Corporal Bassem Aziz Ahmad
Corporal Mohamad Saheel al Hussein
Corporal Mohamad Mustapha al Sheika
Corporal Saad Mohamad Qassem
Corporal Ahmad Mahmoud al Hamad

4 of whom were decapitated

God Bless Them All and May they Rest in Peace

As usual in your one sided condesending (I'm a foreigner who knows oh so much more than the "natives" rants), you don't list all those who are affected, only the ones you care about.

As for the "I love life and the Lebanese Army" stickers, that's a fantastic idea, I'm gonna get on it pronto, so the next time you get nauseated by some stupid native's partiotism, remember that you inspired the sticker, and so this time, it was all your own fault.

madeleine mccann said...

oh you sadly missed the point, eb. and why not list the Palestinian civilians ...?

to eb said...

no madeline, it is you who have missed the point. She mentioned the palestinian civilian deaths without mentionin fatah al islam's butchery of the soldiers.

Had she reported ALL the deaths, then she wouldn't have had any comments from me.

I merely added the names of the dead soldiers to correct her "inadvertent" omission.

elena said...

I'm sorry EB but where does she mention the Palestinian Civilian deaths in this particular post? And yes you did sadly miss the point.

to eb said...

Dearie, it is you who has missed the point. We all got her humorous multiple choice commentary, she is free to think and believe what she pleases about the situation, the truth is none of us, including her,really know what is happening behind the scenes, she thinks she is completely right, I can get her millions who are equally convinced of the opposite.

My comment was in response to both her previous posts. So I reiterate, had she shown an ounce of compassion for the murdered soldiers, I wouldn't have said anything.But EDB is exceptionally selective in her sympathies, hence the list of dead fathers, sons and brothers, because they too must count.

Nayda said...

So I guess one can't regret the death of the palestinian civilians and the death of the soldiers at the same time... wait a second, are the soldiers then going after the civilians? Is it the civilians that were killing the soldiers?

If I have understood right, the lebanese government allowed the fatah al-islam guys to enter Lebanon so that they'd do the dirty work against Hizballah. It would seem logical then that whoever is sorry for the deaths of the soldiers (then again, I don't see why some deaths are worse than others), should be angry at the lebanese government, not the palestinian civilians, who were again caught in the fire.

I understand it's annoying when people say bad things about one's own country... but that wouldn't be a problem if it didn't make us see, even for a moment, that there's some truth in the comments.

to eb said...

Dear Nayda,
No you have not understood right.

Lebanon has no control over the camps since Lebanese security and soldiers have not been allowed into the camps for many years. This ridiculous state of affairs has meant that the camps are a security black-hole. Infact there are several instances where people have comitted murders where the attacker has fled into the camp and no one has been allowed to go in after him.
EDB is insinuating that the harriri's armed these people for a later "fight" against hizballah, like I said she is free believe any stupid theory she want, the other side believes with equal conviction that the syrians are the "suppliers", it's all a matter of opinion with no proof on either side.
However I state for the umpteenth time that my issue with EDB's post is not that she mentioned the plight of the palestinian civilians,we mourn the civilian dead even more than she or you do, my critisism is that she omitted the atrocities comitted against the soldiers many of whom were excuted after an ambush and did not infact die in combat. Again they are human, and desreve our condolences.

Oberon Brown said...

she omitted the atrocities comitted against the soldiers
She omitted it because she doesn't care. To her everyone who is not Chiia, Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian, is a heartless pig. It's like Hassan Nasrallah who calls this attack an "incident" (hedsse): well it's a bit more than that; it's more like an act of war. Why doesn't he ask his idol Bashar al Assad what to do in a situation like that?

Anonymous said...

Un conseil Oberon, retourne défendre Molière et la francophonie sur tes divers blogs, c'est ton domaine, tu y excelles.