Sunday, February 03, 2008

Anecdotes from a banana f**k midget republic

One of the most invasive features of blogging is the sitemeter, which allows you to trace all visitors to your website. Good blogger etiquette dictates that the sitemeter should be open to the public-- a nicety that some bloggers, such as GPC over at "Friday Lunch Club" have chosen to ignore.

With a sitemeter you can detect the location, operating system, domain name and time spent by each visitor perusing your blog. You can also see how people found your blog-- usually through a Google search or when another blog has linked to you.

For a while now I've been tracking "unique visits" and what led people to my blog. As I expected, most unintended visitors hoped to find information on the "Banana Republic" clothing label. With perplexing regularity, people in search of pornography are directed to this site. Some ten months ago, this blog ranked second in a Google search for "pooping female pictures" and "fucking girls Irbil" -- a city in northern Iraq.

Other highlights included Google searches for:

--Iraq + fatwa + women + banana + cucumbers (this blog ranks 2nd place)

--Nasrallah + son of virgin (4th place)

--What makes cheerleader uniforms so provocative?

--Do Lebanese people have Christmas?

--Midget + get + fuck

--Al Qaeda how to join

--fat fat Fatfat ass

--Lady using banana for fuck


O.B. said...

??? what the...
I would really really really love to meet the guy who typed "Iraq + fatwa + women + banana + cucumbers"... I could maybe understand the pervert who's looking for " midget +get +fuck", but what was the first guy thinking? :)

Anomalous in NY said...

I'm sorry but 5 readers a day is too small a number for me to want anyone else knowing. But I link to you and that's how I get here. Why my blog doesn't appear in your sitemeter I don't know.

Ibn Kafka said...

More pics like this one, and your blog will no longer be safe for work...

EDB said...

Ya Ibneh!

It's a tennis player wolfing down a banana after a match. Tell your boss to lay off the viagra...

Anonymous said...

I was looking over my totally out of control blogme and clicked on an old link, Queer Arab, I think, and you were on the blog roll. I'm very glad to have found you but I wouldn't want to run into these google-ers.

Anonymous said...

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